2017 Style!


Spring 2017 might seem like a few hundred years away, but there’s no time like the present to get organised when it comes to the hairstyles Exeter will be seeing next year! Being in the know when it comes to hair is the best way to get ahead of the times – and what’s not to love about rocking a new hairstyle in the new year?

To get started on bringing the sweetest hairstyles to Exeter from Fashion Week, read on for big cuts to subtle styles which will transform your look.


We all have a love/hate relationship with fringes. Maintaining the perfect length takes time and effort, but here’s the trick for Spring 2017: embrace your hair’s natural growth cycle. High fringes (think Holly Golightly or Agyness Deyn) are bang on trend and totally wearable with a little New Year’s confidence. Cut as high as you dare! And it’s low commitment – if you don’t love it, just let it grow and you’ll have a natural look in no time.

Alternatively, letting the fringe sweep the eyelash line is a great idea for frozen winters in Exeter, covering up any redness and looking wonderful under faux fur layers or bobble hats. We’d recommend starting with a standard-length fringe and letting it grow to a length you’re comfortable with. A long fringe can easily be swept to the side or incorporated into beachy braids – another big hit for next season.

It’s been a pretty eventful year, so if you, like me, were getting tired of 2016, then you’ll jump for joy to know that the noughties are making a naughty comeback in the hair department! An even trim at the ends and a straightening session emulates Victoria Beckham’s runway looks for the coming season. We’re totally on board with the sharp looks that super-straight hair and a dash of highlighter give us, so pop down to Verve Hairdresser for a stunning style session.


2017 will be all about waves, curls and crimps, and we’re so excited! The looks shown at Fashion Week range from super simple to beautifully complex, and everything in between. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Defined waves on sleek hair are pure artistry, and it’s finally time for the people of Exeter to rock these incredible looks. Frame the face with perfect finger waves like the 1920s flappers, or create a river impression with co-ordinated undulations of shine, which works especially well on dark hair. A wet-look is a real head-turner on a night out, and your hairdresser will make sure to use quality products and lots of care and attention to achieve a flawless look.

Big volume is every girl’s favourite, so it’s time to bring back those 80s tricks with backcombing, crimping and loads of hairspray. The classic centre parting helps to balance the look. Embracing natural hair has been a big trend of the 2010s, and even if you have blonde hair there’s no reason not to love big hairstyles in Exeter too. Be bold and go for tight curls which will give you long-lasting volume.

Everyone needs a little bit of practical magic in their lives, that’s what the tuck is all about. With scarf weather upon us, we’re once again facing the most difficult decision of the winter season: hair tucked in or out? The decision has been made for you by Fashion Week; in is IN. Transformative looks have been all the rage on Instagram and Pinterest in the last year, and we loved the faux-bob. Leaving your hair inside your coat to warm up your shoulders gives the impression of the cutest, textured bob, and we love it.


The old classics are back in Exeter hairstyling. This coming season, the side part goes even deeper. Allow it to frame the face by bringing a sleek sweep over the forehead at the angle which accentuates your cheekbones most. A side parting also looks great with an up do and depending on the level of shine, this can all combine into a dreamy day-look or a totally fierce night out.

From playground pigtails, braids have come a very, very long way and there was nothing childish about the looks we saw during Fashion Week. Using the standard base of three-strand plaits and fishtails your hairdresser can take on the elegant and complex looks whilst leaving you with a totally wearable look you’ll never want to take out! Sleep on them and you’ll get a totally on-trend crimped look too; another schoolgirl classic.

Ponytails go super low this season, and from the runways, it’s clear that you don’t need to worry about the colour of the elastics you’re using – cover them up with PVC, leather, ribbons or anything else that you think would make an awesome and unusual accessory. The ponytail doesn’t need to just be a practical look; with straightening it looks absolutely boss in the evenings. There is a twist in the tail this season, too. Transform the classic look into an amazing textured up-do starting from the base of a normal ponytail. Bobby pins and ribbons will help secure the twists not only into a solid and stunning look but into a design that makes you feel like a million-dollar artwork.


So take to the streets of Exeter! After a trip to the Verve Hairdresser, you’ll have all you need to light up a frosty Exeter in the New Year.

Have an incredible Christmas everybody!