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  1. Winter Hair Care to Fight the Elements | Verve Hairdressers

    There’s nothing worse than spending a day creating a fabulous winter photo shoot with your friends and family only to see the photos afterwards and realise you look like you’ve been dragged through a snowdrift. Snow, wind, rain and cold all give your locks a hard time, so heed our tips for much-needed winter hair […]

  2. Get Glam For Winter With These Hairstyles

    At last. A/W 2017 is upon us and, though it might sound strange, we couldn’t be happier to leave summer behind. Dodgy tan lines, hectic holidays and that nagging feeling of guilt when you put your feet up are as good as gone. Step into autumn and winter, it’s the time for a little more […]

  3. The Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

    Plucking. It’s become something of a taboo word.  After the questionable brows (or lack thereof) of the 90s, many of us are worried about doing anything that involves shaping or sculpting our eyebrows today. Just take a look at Cara Delevingne or Brooke Shields – why can’t the fuller brow trend last forever. For the ladies […]

  4. Everything You Need To Know- Eyelash Extensions, Exeter

    Flutter. Eyelash extensions can give your look that extra flutter to boost your confidence and add glamour to your outfit. Luscious fluttery eyelashes can be yours everyday, providing a gorgeous look as well as a more manageable morning! Ideal for girls looking to minimise their morning routine, these eyelash extensions will keep up with your […]

  5. 5 of The Best Beauty Treatments Exeter Has To Offer

      The modern woman is a force to be reckoned with. With successful careers, we’re busy battling stereotypes on a daily basis, often found having to nurture our careers, skills and relationships all at once, and some of us are busy mums too. But proving ourselves equal (or even better!) doesn’t mean we have to […]

  6. What to Expect from a Great Exeter Hair Salon

    A hairdresser is like any other public service; it aims to serve and satisfy the people of the community. But here’s the catch: you arrive only to have hair taken away from you! So, what can you really GAIN from your Exeter hair salon? Well, if you choose a hair salon that goes the extra […]

  7. Our Favourite Eyebrow Products

    Whilst it might appear that Hollywood is full off well-browed people, the owners of natural eyebrows in Exeter shouldn’t be fooled by Instagram’s re-telling of the story. Great eyebrows require work. If you don’t want to go all out with a-list treatment on your eyebrows in Exeter, however, there are some great products on the […]

  8. How regularly should you get your hair cut?

    Ah, rumours and misconceptions. Don’t you hate them? In today’s media, it’s impossible to find a clear piece of advice on anything, and hair is one of them. For the people of Exeter haircuts, and how often to get them, is just another mystifying topic. But fear not, for Verve is here to clear it […]

  9. How to Create High Definition Eyebrows at Home

    It looks like the thicker, fuller brow (born of Cara Delevingne’s total rule of the runway in 2015) is here to stay. We couldn’t be happier; if the over-plucking of the 90s took it away, this trend is restoring our eyebrow health in leaps and bounds. As a face framing, sculpting and styling tool, perfect […]

  10. How to Choose a Hair Salon in Exeter

    We’ve all had it. Under the spluttering ceiling fan, you peer into a mirror completely covered in fingerprints. Through the grease and grime, you can vaguely make out someone with your face, except on their head is a bleached, misshapen monstrosity that can only be comparable to Donald Trump in a hurricane. At that moment, […]