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  1. How regularly should you get your hair cut?

    Ah, rumours and misconceptions. Don’t you hate them? In today’s media, it’s impossible to find a clear piece of advice on anything, and hair is one of them. For the people of Exeter haircuts, and how often to get them, is just another mystifying topic. But fear not, for Verve is here to clear it […]

  2. How to Create High Definition Eyebrows at Home

    It looks like the thicker, fuller brow (born of Cara Delevingne’s total rule of the runway in 2015) is here to stay. We couldn’t be happier; if the over-plucking of the 90s took it away, this trend is restoring our eyebrow health in leaps and bounds. As a face framing, sculpting and styling tool, perfect […]

  3. How to Choose a Hair Salon in Exeter

    We’ve all had it. Under the spluttering ceiling fan, you peer into a mirror completely covered in fingerprints. Through the grease and grime, you can vaguely make out someone with your face, except on their head is a bleached, misshapen monstrosity that can only be comparable to Donald Trump in a hurricane. At that moment, […]

  4. Want to know which eyebrow shape is right for you?

    Here at Verve, we think that eyebrow shapes are an art form. Now that the days of over-tweezing are well and truly over, the bigger, bolder brow is taking pride of place in the facial gallery. But no piece of art is ever the same, so it’s time to ditch the desire to look exactly […]

  5. 2017 Style!

    The NEW SEASON Spring 2017 might seem like a few hundred years away, but there’s no time like the present to get organised when it comes to the hairstyles Exeter will be seeing next year! Being in the know when it comes to hair is the best way to get ahead of the times – and what’s […]

  6. Get Glammed for Christmas

      The Most Wonderful Time of the Year It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year once again. But when you’re rushing around Exeter trying to find a hundred different presents (not to mention getting started on Christmas dinner in November) there’s not a lot of time for feeling wonderful yourself. It’s not a […]

  7. New! HD Brows

      Brows have taken centre stage of the beauty world in the past couple of years and are set to remain prominently on the scene. These days, the trend is bold and bushy eyebrows, as made famously popular by Cara Delevingne, but after years of over plucking in the 90s and 00s, many of us […]

  8. Hot Hair Trends for 2016

    You may well following a mantra of ‘New Year, New You’ this January, but what better way to begin 2016 than with a ‘New Year, New Do’?! A new hair style and change of look can work wonders in boosting your confidence and helping you feel like a new person, ready to conquer anything this […]