Hot Hair Trends for 2016

You may well following a mantra of ‘New Year, New You’ this January, but what better way to begin 2016 than with a ‘New Year, New Do’?! A new hair style and change of look can work wonders in boosting your confidence and helping you feel like a new person, ready to conquer anything this year has to throw at you. Chop away negative thoughts along with those split ends, and embrace a new you, both in appearance and in mindset. We’ve complied a list of the hottest and most exciting hair trends to watch out for this year.


  1. The bob

With A listers Jennifer Lawrence, Gigi Hadid and Rachel Mcadams all rocking the bob in late 2015, the trend is set to continue into 2016. Whether you opt for a long sleek bob, a short messy bob or anything in between, the bob has a variation to suit all face shapes and hair textures. Not only will you be right on trend, but your hair will look healthy and full of volume.


  1. The new blonde

For the last few years the trend has been for icy, cool blonde hues, however this is set to change in 2016. Warm blondes such as buttery blondes and sandy colours are making a come back.


  1. Ronze

Ronze is the new colour taking the hair world by storm. It’s a blend of copper red and bronze brown and can work amazingly in brightening your complexion. Rhianna, Eva Longoria and Julliane Moore have all embraced the ronze trend and it looks gorgeous. There are varying hues of ronze to suit different skin tones. If you have fair skin, go for a ronze with more vibrant copper undertones, or if you have a medium skin a golden ronze is for you. If you have a dark complexion a deep shade or blue based ronze will look fabulous.


  1. Textured fringe

A piecey, textured fringe is a very natural look which can be super flattering, framing your face. It is also a cheeky way to hide any forehead wrinkles, while still staying current and on trend.


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