Microblading Exeter


Microblading, Exeter- it might sound like a complex, painful brow technique but that couldn’t be further from the truth. And it’s one of the best ways to save time and maintain a polished look. Isn’t that all a girl ever wanted?

Filling your brows in perfectly has become ever more scrutinised in the last few years. Nowadays, brows are often hailed as the most important part of the face. So why not experience the best microblading Exeter has to offer?

Hailing from Japan, microblading only hit the UK in the last few years. This is a hand-crafted technique, so each look can be tailored for the customer after a consultation. Most importantly, the technician’s undivided attention means that your eyebrows will frame your face in the most suitable way, and look natural too.

Focussing on both colour and shape, the pigment resembles fine hair-like strands to fill out a sparse brow, and reshape it into a look you can be proud to wear all day and night. A small scalpel, made up of 10 to 16 tiny needles, makes incisions, that, trust us, don’t hurt at all. It allows the new colour and shape to integrate with the current hairs, and allows for a seamless blend.

How we do it at Verve:

  1. Get an allergy test for both HD brows and microblading at least 24 hours before the first session
  2. HD brows appointment to choose and define the shape of the brows.
  3. First microblading session one week later.
  4. Second microblading top-up after six weeks.
  5. Top-up at around 9 months.

Price: This multi-faceted treatment has a bunch of long-lasting benefits and will save you money and time on everyday brow makeup. The price is £285, including a non-refundable £50 deposit.

Who’s it for?

  • Blonde brows which are sparse, pale or wispy.
  • Patchiness or weak edges
  • Anyone with alopecia or brow-based trichotillomania.
  • Those too busy to pay regular attention to this key part of their look

If everyone knew about microblading Exeter would be a far more beautiful, and far more chilled out, place!