Want to know which eyebrow shape is right for you?

Here at Verve, we think that eyebrow shapes are an art form. Now that the days of over-tweezing are well and truly over, the bigger, bolder brow is taking pride of place in the facial gallery. But no piece of art is ever the same, so it’s time to ditch the desire to look exactly like Cara and learn about the best eyebrow shapes for YOU.

There are three steps to this easy process, and we recommend a cheeky Google too for spotting the celebrity looks that could suit you. Remember, when it comes to eyebrows, it’s all about balance. Once you’ve got an idea, head on over to Verve Hairdressing and we’ll help you achieve a gorgeous look in no time.

Step 1: Understand Your Face Shape

You’ve may have seen extensive and complex guides to understanding your own face in magazines, but it doesn’t have to be so complciated: here is your simplified guide.


Your face is longer than it is wide. You have a rounded jawline and a slightly larger forehead. The sides of your face are curved. Think: Katy Perry, Jessica Alba


You have a defined jawline and a wide forehead. Your face is as long as it is wide. The sides of your face are straight. Think: Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde


You have a prominent chin and your cheekbones are the widest part of the face. You have a large forehead (and look great with a fringe!) Think: Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington


Your face is significantly longer than it is wide, and your forehead, cheeks and jawline are all the same width. Your chin has only a slight curve. Think: Liv Tyler, Blake Lively


Your face is as long as it is wide. You have a softly defined, wide jaw, but the cheekbones are the widest part of the face. Think: Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone


You have a prominent chin, and are widest at your high cheekbones, with a small forehead. You’ll also have a narrow hairline. Think: Vanessa Hudgens, Halle Berry

Step 2: Balance That Face

You may have seen models with invisible eyebrows walking the catwalk in recent years. Don’t they look odd? Eyebrows are the most adaptable part of the face, and they help to ground and soften your look. Eyebrow shapes differ from woman to woman, so once you know your face shape, simply follow the guide below:

Oval: Oval is the ideal face shape, so your eyebrows need to maintain that by being softly arched in one smooth line. Each brow is exactly symmetrical, curving up and down equally.

Square: To balance your beautifully defined jawline, copy the contours of the edge of your jaw in your eyebrow shapes. Strongly angled lines followed by a curved arch directs attention up the face and towards your eyes.

Heart: The defined chin needs to be balanced with a softly curving brow, which develops into a more rounded shape towards the edge of the face.

Oblong: If you want to shorten the appearance of a long face, try flat brows, close to the eye to create a strong visual break in the middle of the face.

Round: To balance the curves at the sides of your face, try an angular brow by using a strongly curved arch. You want it as high as possible without looking permanently shocked!

Diamond: Balance your wide cheekbones by gently curved brows, which will soften the appearance of this part of the face.

Remember: Balance an angled face with curves, and a curved face with angles.

Step 3: Extra Considerations

Thicker brows that are closer to the eye will create a stronger look. They’re also great if you have big eyes or a large nose, and thinner brows are better for those with almond shaped eyes. If you wear glasses regularly, remember that these already frame the eyes, just as eyebrow shapes do, so make sure these match your frames. Looking for an even simpler solution? Just pop in to Verve Hairdressing and we’ll do the rest. We love crafting eyebrow shapes for every face, so call us or book online to see our fabulous range of eyebrow services.